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How to Make Money With Product Reviews

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How to Make Money With Product Reviews

In this article, I'll share ten methods for scoring free products to review and earning cash for your opinions. Whether you love creating YouTube videos, have a passion for writing, or just enjoy giving your take on the latest gadgets and gear, you can get paid for product reviews.

The opportunities below make it easy to get started no matter your skills or interests. Time to put your product review skills to profitable use!

10 Ways to Get Paid Writing Product Reviews

1. Start your own blog

One of the best ways to make money from product reviews is to start your own blog dedicated to a specific niche. Here's how:

  • Pick a niche that interests you and has an engaged audience. Technology, beauty products, home appliances, fashion, and food are all popular options.

  • Use a free platform like WordPress or Squarespace to easily create your blog. Customize the design and layout to fit your style.

  • Monetize your blog by joining affiliate programs relevant to your niche. Insert affiliate links into your reviews to earn commissions when readers purchase products.

  • Sell advertising space through programs like Google AdSense. Display ads will generate income from your content.

  • Reach out to brands for sponsored posts and product reviews. Negotiate a rate to get paid for reviews.

Starting a blog takes some work upfront, but it allows you to earn passive income from the content you create. The more reviews you publish, the more potential income streams.

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2. Usertesting


UserTesting is a platform that pays people to review and test websites, apps, and other products. Here's how it works:

  • Sign up on UserTesting.com and create a basic profile outlining your demographics, interests, and availability.

  • Get notified when you match the target audience for an upcoming product test. Tests typically take 15-20 minutes.

  • Record your thoughts and feedback as you examine the website or app you're testing. Complete any tasks the test requires.

  • Earn $10-$60 per test you complete. The amount depends on test length and complexity.

  • Get paid via PayPal 7 days after completing a test. You can cash out immediately.

UserTesting makes it easy to get qualified and start earning. You don't need any special skills beyond being an average internet user. It's a flexible way to earn extra income from home by testing products and giving your opinion.

3. Amazon reviews

Amazon Associates

Amazon offers several programs that allow you to make money by reviewing products sold on their platform.

Amazon Influencers

The Amazon Influencers program sends you free products in exchange for honest reviews. As an influencer, you'll receive complimentary items picked specifically for you. Just publish a review on Amazon sharing your experience. The only catch is you must have an established social media following to qualify.

Amazon Associates

Join Amazon's affiliate program to earn commission promoting the products you review. Share your review on your blog or social channels, and insert your Associates affiliate link so you get a percentage of sales your review generates. The more reviews you publish, the more potential commission income.

Amazon Vine

Vine is an invitation-only program where reviewers receive free products picked by Amazon. You don't get to choose the items, but you do get to keep the product in exchange for publishing an honest review on Amazon. Vine has strict guidelines and is only open to seasoned reviewers.

Reviewing products already purchased on Amazon is a quick way to make extra money. And programs like Influencers and Vine allow you to get free items to evaluate.

4. Start a YouTube channel

YouTube review channel example Source: Dope or Nope

Filming yourself testing out products is a compelling way to make money from reviews. Here's how to get started:

  • Create a YouTube account and channel focused on a specific niche like tech gadgets, beauty items, toys, home appliances, or clothing.

  • Produce videos where you unbox, try out, and evaluate products in your niche. Give your honest opinions and tips.

  • Enable Google AdSense on your channel so you earn a cut of the ad revenue your videos generate.

  • Join affiliate programs and include your links in the video description to earn commissions if viewers purchase reviewed items.

  • Build your subscriber base by consistently uploading high-quality review videos. Interact and engage with your audience in the comments.

Sharing your product reviews via YouTube allows you to showcase your personality. Once your channel grows in popularity, you can earn solid income through YouTube monetization, affiliate earnings, and sponsorships.

5. Crowdtap


Crowdtap is a platform that pays users to share opinions through surveys, reviews, polls and more.

To start earning, sign up for a Crowdtap account. Complete your member profile thoroughly as this helps match you to paid opportunities.

Crowdtap sends survey invites and review requests by email. These range from reviewing products you purchase to giving opinions on ads, brands, and topics. The flexible options allow you to take on as many tasks as you want.

For each activity completed, you earn points that add up. When you hit the minimum redemption amount, trade your points for gift cards to popular retailers. Redemptions start at $5 PayPal cash.

While Crowdtap won't make you rich, it's an easy-to-use site that rewards you for everyday opinions. Just check your email for new opportunities to earn points towards gift cards.

6. Influenster


Influenster sends members free full-size products in exchange for reviews. It's a community of everyday people passionate about reviewing items.

To get started, create your Influenster profile and connect your social media accounts. The more active you are on the platform, the more likely you'll be selected for free samples, or "VoxBoxes."

Once you receive a VoxBox, try out and review each product on Influenster's app and website. Share your thoughts in detail to receive badges that boost your visibility.

Post reviews of your free samples on social media and tag Influenster to show them some love. The higher your engagement, the more products you'll receive.

While you don't earn cash from Influenster, you get to keep the full-size products they send. It's a great way to test trending items for free while only requiring honest reviews.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr gig example

Fiverr is a freelance services marketplace where you can sell your product review skills. Here's how it works:

  • How to get customers on Fiverr offering written product reviews as a service. Outline what you will provide buyers such as 500-word reviews, SEO optimized articles, video reviews, etc.

  • Set your own pricing for different review packages. Gigs start at $5 but you can charge more for premium services.

  • Buyers and businesses will order your custom review services for the products they want promoted and evaluated.

  • Complete the ordered reviews by the requested deadline and get paid by buyers through Fiverr. Withdraw your earnings.

  • As you build up positive seller ratings, you can increase your pricing. Offer expedited delivery or expanded services to earn more.

While $5 reviews likely won't make you rich, Fiverr is an easy way to put your review skills to work as side income. The more gigs you complete, the more you can earn.

8. Smiley360


Smiley360 sends members free products from major brands to test and review. It's completely free to join.

Create your Smiley360 profile and take a brief survey about your demographics and interests. This helps match you with relevant campaign offers.

When you're selected for a campaign, you'll receive a free product sample in the mail. Test out the product and share your honest review on social media, your blog, or the Smiley360 platform.

As a reward for completing campaigns, you earn SmileyPoints. Rack up enough points and you can redeem them for gift cards to popular retailers.

The free products you get to keep make Smiley360 a rewarding way to test trending goods. All that's required is you share your candid review with your social networks. Just be sure to disclose it's a sponsored free sample.

9. LifePoints


LifePoints pays its members to complete surveys, review products, watch ads, and more. It's free to join.

After signing up, you'll receive survey invitations by email. Surveys ask your opinion on brands, ads, and products. For each one fully completed, you earn LifePoints.

You can also earn by writing reviews on the LifePoints blog. Give your honest assessment on products you've tried or ads you've seen to rack up additional points.

Once you hit the minimum balance, redeem your LifePoints for cash via Paypal or gift cards from your choice of brands. Most rewards start at around $10.

LifePoints offers steady opportunities to earn by sharing your opinions. Just check your email and member dashboard for new ways to collect points that add up to cash back.

10. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a longtime rewards site that pays you cash for everyday activities like reading emails, taking surveys, and writing reviews.

To start earning, sign up for a free account. Take surveys and write product reviews to receive cash incentives. The more activities you complete, the faster your earnings add up.

You can also earn by playing games, watching videos, opening mails sent to your inbox, and more. InboxDollars offers plenty of options to earn.

Once you hit the minimum $30 balance, cash out your earnings. Redeem gift cards or request a check mailed to you.

InboxDollars makes it easy to rack up extra money from home. Just create your free account and check for new paid activities to complete at your convenience.


Can you really make money writing product reviews?

Yes, there are many legitimate ways to earn money for writing product reviews online. You can make money by:

  • Joining affiliate programs and earning commissions when readers buy reviewed products

  • Enabling ads on your blog or YouTube videos to earn revenue from your content

  • Getting paid by brands directly for sponsored content and reviews

  • Completing review tasks on survey and reward sites in exchange for cash and gift cards

The key is finding reputable programs that offer fair pay for your time and insights. With so many options, product reviews can definitely pay off.

Are paid review programs and sites legitimate?

Most paid review opportunities are legitimate, but as with any money-making side hustle, it's wise to check each site before joining.

Here are some tips:

  • Research the brand reputation, looking for a long track record and positive reviews

  • Confirm compensation details upfront so you know exactly what you'll earn

  • Read terms closely to check for any concerning clauses

  • Avoid sites that push you to only write positive reviews

  • Try out the signup process to gauge the user experience

Taking these steps will help you identify and stick with reputable, established programs that pay fairly and value honest reviews.

Key Takeaways

Writing product reviews can be a great way to earn extra money from home. With so many platforms and programs looking for reviewers, you can get paid to share your opinions if you approach it strategically.

Focus on choosing opportunities that match your skills and interests—you'll convey more authenticity reviewing products you genuinely enjoy. If you love being on camera, create a YouTube review channel. Love writing? Start a blog focused on products in a niche you like. Find tasks on survey sites that pay you to review brands and items you use anyway.

Make sure to always provide honest, transparent reviews rather than hype up every product. Disclose when reviews are sponsored. This kind of transparency helps build reader trust and integrity for your personal brand as a reviewer. Start small with just a couple income streams, then expand as you build experience.

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