12 Best AI Side Hustles to Make Money in 2024

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12 Best AI Side Hustles to Make Money in 2024

In 2024, Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn't just a buzzword, it's a game changer, especially when it comes to side hustles. The rise of AI has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for making extra cash. Whether you're tech-savvy or just getting started, there's an AI side hustle out there for you. Let's dive into the 10 best AI side hustles you can start this year to put some extra money in your pocket.

List of The Best AI Side Hustles

1. Writing AI-Generated Tweets

Imagine earning money online by creating tweets, and you don't even have to be a social media guru! With platforms like Tweet Hunter, it's possible to automate the generation of witty and engaging tweets. Businesses and personal brands alike are constantly looking to boost their online presence, and your AI-crafted tweets could be exactly what they need. Think of it as being the behind-the-scenes Twitter whisperer for brands and influencers alike.

2. Selling Prompts

AI is a powerful tool, but it needs the right input to produce magic. That's where your skill in crafting AI prompts comes in. There's a market for well-thought-out prompts that steer AI in the right direction.

Whether for creative writing, coding, or even AI image generators, your prompts could be sold online, perhaps on a digital marketplace or your personal website. This side hustle is all about unlocking the potential of AI with your creative input.

3. Photo Editing

Photoshop and AI, a match made in heaven! If you're good with photo editing, you can offer services to modify plain photos with AI-generated content. With the relatively new "Generative Fill" feature in photoshop, you will be able to edit any photo with the help of AI. The demand is huge, from businesses to influencers, and everyone in between. The future's bright, and it looks like AI might soon be the go-to for photo editing in general.

4. Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Pinterest is an untapped goldmine for affiliate marketers, especially when combined with AI. Using Bing AI, you can create visually appealing and unique pins that draw viewers in. But it's not just about making pretty pictures. You need to understand how to link these pins to products and earn a commission on sales. The process can be automated with tools like Tailwind, turning this hustle into a nearly hands-off income stream.

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5. Ad Campaigns

In the world of online advertising, efficiency and relevance are king. AI tools empower you to craft ad campaigns that hit the mark every time. By using AI to analyze data and trends, you can create campaigns that resonate with the target audience. This side hustle requires staying updated with AI advancements and mastering high-authority tools, but the payoff can be significant for those who excel.

6. Selling Birthday Cards on Etsy

Etsy, known for its unique and handmade items, is the perfect platform for selling personalized birthday cards created with AI. Imagine using AI to design cards that are not only beautiful but also tailored to specific themes, interests, or even inside jokes.

Etsy storefront

This side hustle taps into your creativity and the power of AI to create one-of-a-kind birthday cards. It's a blend of personal touch and technological innovation, making your cards stand out in a crowded marketplace. Plus, Etsy's vast audience means your creations have the potential to reach customers worldwide, turning this into a potentially lucrative venture.

7. Automated YouTube Channel

YouTube isn't just for cat videos anymore. With an automated YouTube channel, you can create content without being in front of the camera. Think of topics that interest you, use AI to generate videos, and voila! It might be helpful to read the article “How to Start a YouTube Automation Channel with AI: 8 Steps” that can help you get started. It's a low entry barrier and can lead to some sweet passive income.`

8. Copywriting

Copywriting is an art, and with AI, it's now more accessible than ever. You might think, "I'm no writer," but guess what? With AI tools like GPT-4, you don't have to be! These tools can help you create everything from catchy taglines to full-blown ad copies. And the best part? It can be almost fully automated. The key is to learn how to give the AI the right prompts. There's a lot of competition within this niche these days, but with the right skills, you can definitely stand out.


9. Selling AI-Generated Images

Got an eye for art but not the hand for it? No problem! Tools like Midjourney let you create stunning images that you can sell. While Midjourney isn't free anymore, Bing AI Image Generator can be a great alternative for those on a budget. You can sell these AI masterpieces on stock photo marketplaces or even make your own online gallery. And if you need more tips, check out the article “How to Make Money With Selling AI Generated Art?”.

10. Coding with GPT-4 Technology

Coding can be tricky, but with AI, it's a whole new ball game. GPT-4 isn't just a standard chatbot, it's also amazing at problem solving. You can offer coding services, or even create and sell tools programmed with AI. And for those who are budget-conscious, there are great free options like GPT-3.5 and Claude. The future for this side hustle is looking great, so it would be a strategic move to profit from this opportunity.

11. Selling Coloring Books

Remember coloring books? They're not just for kids anymore. With AI visualization tools like DALL-E, you can create unique coloring books for both adults and kids.

Coloring book

These can be a hit on platforms known for creative content. It's a fun, creative way to earn some extra cash, and the best part? You don't need to be an artist!

12. AI-Powered Blogging

Blogging in 2024 has taken a futuristic turn with AI-powered blogging. This involves using AI tools to generate content ideas, create drafts, and even fine-tune your writing for SEO optimization. AI can help you keep up with the latest trends and ensure your blog posts are engaging and relevant. This is perfect for those who have great ideas but may struggle with putting them into words.

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Plus, AI-powered blogging can significantly reduce the time it takes to create quality content, allowing you to publish more frequently and grow your audience faster. Whether it's a personal blog or a business-related one, AI-powered blogging is a smart way to keep your content fresh and appealing.

Key Takeaways

AI side hustles are more than just a trend, they're the future. From writing tweets to creating art, the possibilities are endless. And the best part? You don't need to be a tech savvy to get started. These AI side hustle ideas are your chance to stay ahead of the curve and make money in a fun, innovative way. Don't get left behind with old methods, explore these AI opportunities and start making extra cash today!

They might not make you a millionaire, but it's worth checking them out to profit from an AI-powered income.

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