The 12 Best Blogging Niches With Low Competition in 2023

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The 12 Best Blogging Niches With Low Competition in 2023

Starting a successful blog can be a challenge, especially in popular niches where there is lots of competition. But there are still many underserved blogging niches where it's possible to quickly build an audience and rank high in search engines. In this article, we'll explore 12 proven low-competition blogging niche ideas perfect for new bloggers in 2023.

With in-depth research and smart SEO strategies, it's possible to create a blog in one of these promising topics. Whether you're passionate about a niche or see an opportunity others have overlooked, these overlooked areas have serious potential for growth.

12 Low Competition Blog Niches

Low competition blog niches

1. Astronomy

Competition: 0.01

CPC: $0.32

Volume: ~368k/month

For people obsessed with space, astronomy can be an ideal low-competition niche. With endless fascination about space, there's always something new to discuss. Since few bloggers specialize exclusively in astronomy, you can quickly rank higher in the google search results by consistently providing interesting content. Photography tips for capturing stellar images might also get you lots of attention as a blogger.

2. Drawing Techniques

Competition: 0.04

CPC: $0.08

Volume: ~8100/month

Drawing is a great blogging niche for creative people. You can teach sketching tips and how-to's to attract artists or beginners that are looking to improve. Explain stuff like perspective, shading, portraits in simple ways. To monetize your blog, sell online drawing courses or ebooks explaining certain drawing techniques and tips. This niche also allows you to publish drawing videos on YouTube and link to your blog for extra views.

3. Food Recipes

Competition: 0.11

CPC: $0.07

Volume: ~110k/month

Recipes are a tasty blogging niche. Spotlight one type of food like Italian, Mexican or gluten-free. Or just desserts, smoothies or other faves. Add pretty food pictures and step-by-step instructions to get the reader's attention. General food blogs are mostly oversaturated but recipes have less competition.

4. Origami

Competition: 0.18

CPC: $0.06

Volume: ~1M/month

Hardcore origami fans are always on the lookout for new designs they can make. Show how to make your best origami models. Paper folding seems small but lots of people search for origami stuff online.

5. Birdwatching

Competition: 0.04

CPC: $0.38

Volume: ~60k/month

Birdwatching is trendy, making niche blogs popular. A birdwatching blog can become successful by profiling common species, reviewing bird feeders and supplies, providing birdwatching location guides, and sharing tips for photographing birds. Document your birdwatching trips with photos. Interview long-time birdwatchers about experiences.

6. Fitness

Competition: 0.08

CPC: $0.18

Volume: ~1.8M/month

Fitness itself might be quite a saturated niche but you can still find some space by narrowing your focus to a more specific subcategory. Pick one sport like running or cycling and blog about it. Or cover a goal like weight loss or flexibility. You can make money by reviewing sport equipment and monetizing it with affiliate links.

7. Photoshop

Competition: 0.28

CPC: $0.15

Volume: ~2M/month

Photoshop is in demand but few blogs specialize in it. Create tutorials to fix common problems. Remove backgrounds, apply filters, edit photos, make composites. Find ideas in Photoshop forums people ask about. New version features need explainers too. Amateurs or pros always want to level up their skills. Teach niche techniques to become the go-to Photoshop blog.

8. Oil Painting

Competition: 0.14

CPC: $0.21

Volume: ~200k/month

Oil painting has many loyal fans that want to improve. Share tips on brushes, color mixing and painting techniques or make tutorials about making landscape and abstract paintings. Broader painting blogs rarely focus just on oils. But niche followers want oil-specific advice. Once you make lots of content about this niche, you will gain topical authority and rank higher in google search rankings.

9. Landscaping

Competition: 0.09

CPC: $1.01

Volume: ~1M/month

Landscaping is a great niche if you love gardening and making yards look amazing. You can write posts recommending the best plants, trees, fertilizers, and more for different areas and climates. You can earn commissions by linking to landscaping products on Amazon or garden retailer affiliates. The options are endless for useful landscaping content people want to transform their outdoors.

10. Woodworking

Competition: 0.22

CPC: $0.23

Volume: ~110k/month

Woodworking is a fun hobby with lots of room for blogs. You can post pictures and instructions for your own wood projects like furniture, carvings, cutting boards, or whatever you like making. You can even sell your own project kits. Woodworking may seem like a small niche but there's so many passionate woodworkers out there looking for advice. Focus on your specialty like power tools, carpentry, or carving and you'll attract all the right fans.

11. Indie Video Games

Competition: 0.03

CPC: $0.09

Volume: ~100k/month

Indie games are a cool niche to blog about. You can write reviews of new indie games you find on platforms like itch.io and Steam. Preview upcoming games by indie developers and contact their creators. Many indie developers will pay for reviews, previews or other exposure on your blog.

12. Traveling

Competition: 0.09

CPC: $0.13

Volume: ~1.8M/month

Almost everybody loves to travel, so it's a crowded space online. But you can claim your spot by narrowing to a specific type of travel. Focus on backpacking across Europe, RV road trips, or luxury cruising. Or cover specific regions like the national parks, Caribbean islands, or Mediterranean hot spots. Give travel tips, share photos, recommend gear and products.


These 12 low competition niches can totally work for starting a blog. You can probably find something here you're into and interested in writing about. A niche that matches your passion and knowledge will always turn out best.

Do some digging to find some niches people want content on but nobody's covering well yet. Look beyond just what's popular and competitive. A niche blog has more chances to stand out and get found.

Make sure to research keywords and traffic potential before getting started with it. Some niches might not have enough search volume. But one of these 12 should give you room to grow if you put in the effort.

With hard work and persistence, a low competition niche blog can absolutely succeed. You got this!