8 Ways to Make Money Online With ChatGPT

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8 Ways to Make Money Online With ChatGPT

The internet has opened up lots of opportunities to make money online. But much of the work still requires specialized skills like coding, writing, marketing, etc.

That's all changing thanks to AI tools like ChatGPT. With the right strategy, anyone can use these AI assistants to build online income streams. The technology is now good enough to automate much of the heavy lifting.

In this article, we'll explore 8 ways you can use ChatGPT and similar AI to start earning real money working from home. The best part is that you don't need any advanced technical skills. The AI handles the tricky stuff while you provide the prompts and direction. Let's get started!

1. Program a Digital Tool


You could ask ChatGPT to code up a simple Chrome extension, productivity web app, or mobile app just from a brief step-by-step description. The AI can handle JavaScript, Python, React, and more.

Once you get the basic code from ChatGPT, you can customize it yourself or hire a freelancer to add any advanced features. The process is much easier if you already know something about programming yourself.

Upgrading to ChatGPT Plus unlocks even more advanced programming capabilities. The premium model is better at problem solving, resulting in higher quality results. Well worth the money for app developers.

So don't let a lack of coding skills hold you back. ChatGPT makes it possible for anyone to launch apps and digital tools by handling the tricky programming work.

2. Become a Prompt Expert


ChatGPT is only as smart as the prompts you write for it. Learning to craft effective prompts is crucial to get the most out of the AI.

Once you become an expert at prompt writing, offer your services on Fiverr to help others optimize their AI projects. Charge to write custom prompts for people building apps, writing ebooks, automating online tasks, and more.

You can also teach prompt writing skills on a blog or Youtube channel. Explain the principles of effective prompting with examples.

Mastering this skill takes experimentation but is well worth it. Prompt writing is the key that unlocks ChatGPT's full potential. Sharpen your prompting abilities to stand out from novice users.

3. Get Business Ideas

Business idea AI prompt

ChatGPT is an endless source of unique business ideas. Simply ask it to brainstorm new product concepts, app ideas, service offerings, etc.

The AI can create lots of creative ideas in seconds. Ask it to generate catchy names and taglines for your business concepts too.

For example, prompt ChatGPT to suggest 10 new subscription box business ideas. Or have it come up with book summaries you could turn into study guides.

You can even research the viability of the ideas by having ChatGPT analyze competition, target demographics, pricing strategies, and more for each concept.

Keep in mind that link reading abilities are only available in ChatGPT Plus.

Use the imagination of AI to effortlessly generate fresh startup ideas and side hustles. Build a business around the best concepts that resonate with you and fill a market need.

You can also use our Business Idea Generator to come up with the best business ideas.

4. Start an Automated YouTube Channel

Automated YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel can be overwhelming. You need ideas, scripts, editing skills, and tons of time to create content.

ChatGPT makes it possible to start an automated YouTube channel.

Use the AI to generate endless ideas for videos, draft scripts and outlines. It also allows you to write titles and descriptions that drive views.

Services like ElevenLabs can then turn the scripts into a realistic voice-over. The automation leaves you with polished videos ready to upload.

Set a consistent schedule for uploading the AI-generated videos to build your channel momentum. The more content you publish, the faster your subscriber count will grow.

Let ChatGPT and other AI models handle the repetitive parts of building a YouTube business so you can focus on the overall channel strategy.

5. Publish AI-Generated E-Books


Writing and publishing books used to be only for experienced writers. Not anymore thanks to AI.

Prompt ChatGPT to generate book topic ideas that would sell. Have it outline the chapters too.

Then use AI writer tools like Jasper or Rytr to turn those outlines into complete book drafts. The AI can generate everything from fiction novels to self-help books.

Polish up the AI-written drafts yourself to add your unique flair. Or outsource the editing to freelancers on Fiverr.

Finally, self-publish the AI books on Amazon KDP, Barnes and Noble Press, and other ebook platforms.

6. Write Scripts for Influencers

Social media influencer

Influencers need endless ideas and content but often lack the time to produce it all themselves. Offer your AI skills to sell them video and social media scripts.

First, thoroughly study an influencer's brand, voice, and audience. Get familiar with the topics and tone they use.

The AI can produce tons of personalized scripts in a fraction of the time it would take the influencer.

Sell each script to the influencer for a fixed fee so they can outsource content creation to you. $10-50 per script is reasonable depending on their follow count.

7. Start a Blog Driven By AI


Blogging is a proven way to make money online but producing content consistently is challenging. AI makes it possible to automate much of the hard work.

Use ChatGPT to instantly come up with hundreds of blog post topic ideas specifically optimized for your niche. Have it write SEO headlines too.

Then turn those AI headlines into full articles with tools like Rytr. First ask ChatGPT to outline each post, then feed the outline to Rytr to generate the content.

Be sure to optimize the AI articles for SEO by including target keywords and meta descriptions.

Set a schedule to publish multiple AI blog posts per week. More content means more site traffic, ad revenue, leads, and sales over the long run.

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8. Learn a Valuable Skill

Digital marketing prompt

One of the most profitable uses of AI is to learn skills that increase your earning potential. ChatGPT can tell you the most in-demand skills and even teach you itself.

Ask ChatGPT to recommend high-value skills that are growing in popularity and pay well. It may suggest coding, digital marketing, data science, copywriting, languages and more.

Then start doing research about the skill you are interested in, once you come across certain questions that are not answered by searching on google, try asking ChatGPT!

The more valuable skills you add to your resume, the more money you can make either as an employee or running your own business.

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Can you use ChatGPT to make a passive income?

Absolutely, you can make a passive income using ChatGPT. Business ideas such as selling AI-generated scripts, ebooks, and blog content can lead to hands-off passive income streams. The key is setting things up so the AI does most of the ongoing work while you make continuous profits.

How much does ChatGPT cost?

The standard ChatGPT model is totally free to use. You only need a free OpenAI account.

ChatGPT Plus costs $20 per month. It offers advanced features like reading links, priority access during peak hours, and the ability to follow up with the AI for clarification.

Is ChatGPT Plus worth it for business owners?

For business owners, ChatGPT Plus is likely worth the $20 monthly investment. The priority access alone helps you get more done faster when the free version is bogged down. And the ability to have back-and-forth dialogues with the AI can boost productivity. But the free model works just fine for more casual users.


ChatGPT and AI tools have opened the gates for anyone to make money online without advanced skills. As the technology keeps improving, there will only be more opportunities to use automation for building income streams.

Start applying AI to things like generating content, learning in-demand skills, or outsourcing tedious tasks. With the right strategy, you can establish various passive income channels that run smoothly with little ongoing effort.

We already know AI’s popularity will keep expanding, so it’s better to implement it in your workflow before it’s too late.